The 1st International BioDesign Research Conference

The 1st International BioDesign Research Conference

December 1st - 18th, 2020, Virtual

December 1st - 18th, 2020, Online

Maria Blasco

Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Spain

Maria A. Blasco obtained her PhD in 1993 at the Centro de Biología Molecular "Severo Ochoa" under the supervision of M. Salas. That same year, Blasco joined the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York (USA) as a Postdoctoral Fellow under the leadership of C. W. Greider. As a postdoc she isolated one of the telomerase essential genes and generated the first telomerase deficient mouse model, which served to demonstrate the importance of telomerase in telomere maintenance, chromosomal instability and disease. In 1997, she returned to Spain to start her own research Group at the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología in Madrid. She joined the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) in 2003 as Director of the Molecular Oncology Programme and Leader of the Telomeres and Telomerase Group. In 2005, she was also appointed Vice-Director of Basic Research at CNIO. Since June 2011, she is the CNIO Director.

For details of her research and recent publication, please visit HERE

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