The 1st International BioDesign Research Conference

The 1st International BioDesign Research Conference

December 1st - 18th, 2020, Virtual

December 1st - 18th, 2020, Online

Douglas Densmore

Boston University, USA

A computer engineer, Densmore’s research focuses on the development of tools for the specification, design, and assembly of synthetic biological systems, drawing upon his experience with embedded system-level design and electronic design automation. He is also the director of the Cross-disciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research group at the University, where his research team develops computational and experimental tools for synthetic biology. Additionally, along with key Principal Investigators Wilson Wong and Mo Khalil, Densmore leads the Living Computing Project, an effort to create a toolbox of catalogued biological parts that can be used to engineer organisms with predictable results, funded by a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

For details of his research and recent publication, please visit HERE

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